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Here’s how to save time doing your natural hair

I talk a good deal about natural hair styles which stretch. In fact, I wrote recently about it. It’s super important for me because I am stretched for time and I know a number of you are, too.

But part of my job is to help demystify this natural hair journey for you because it’s really not that challenging as a whole. Sure, some aspects can and will be. But not only must you take steps to learn about natural hair, you must become a student of your hair. You’ll be amazed and what you can create and how it will display, just for you.

Take a look at this video I recently shot. You could say my love affair of the updo continues – just add in a simple product (of course I’ll plug All Shea Naturals) and accessories and you’re set for a style that stretches.

The benefit? You can focus your time and energy some place else. But that’s not all. Take a look.

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