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This really is the most wonderful time of the year for ALL SHEA NATURALS!

I can’t help but be excited this time of the year… we get an opportunity to rest and spend time with family and friends…. but I also get to delve deeper into my love of creating wonderful gifts for the body and mind.

All Shea Naturals was birthed out of my desire to help other men and women enjoy the rich, nourishing benefits of shea butter. I mix in a few additional oils like olive, castor, coconut and vitamin E, and the experience is near heavenly. And while this started as a hair butter, I noticed the ease of use for the body as well. My small client list back then encouraged me to add scents and as they say, the rest is history…

It started with a few circle of friends and family and they encouraged me to go abroad (or outside of my home for purposes of this blog:) . I then started the process of taking my product to natural hair expos and trade shows…then I offered it to my online followers on my website and today, we’re contemplating our next level of growth in order to reach more people.

Truly I didn’t start this business with the idea of becoming wealthy…I really wanted people to experience the indulgence from all natural shea butter. I see how that desire to help others has spawned so many creative outlets:

  • Holiday gift sets we have mailed to clients.

This year, we’re in 3 local retailers – Hair and More in Bessemer, Perfect Kuts in Ensley and Pampered Salon in downtown Birmingham.

  • For the first time, we’re offering pre-made and custom-made holiday gift boxes featuring our product. Available in our above stores and online @

  • We continue to make our mark at local and national expos

And we continue to grow. We have absolutely been blessed, but as we launch forward in 2015, we continue to need your support of All Shea Naturals!

This week, I’ll detail more about what these products contain, and how they can be used. Make no mistake, it was birthed out of my natural hair journey. Stay tuned for my story…

Happy trails,

Natural Divas!!!

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