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All Shea Naturals hair and body products were created with YOU in mind.


It all started in the home of founder Keisa Sharpe as she searched to find a way to make Shea butter softer in order to apply her natural hair.


The experimentation then began. From those early days of a basic Shea butter mixture, Keisa Sharpe - by listening to her customers -'learned how to make the product new and improved one step at a time.


First she tweaked the basic ingredients of Shea butter olive oil and coconut oil. She then experimented with scents and refined the manufacturing process to produce silky goodness for your skin each time.


The feedback has been phenomenal -'you love your All Shea Naturals.!All of our products start with a Shea-butter base. Our Hair and Body can be used from head to toe.


Our scented, body butters include fruity goodness like Apple, Coconut, Mango, Passionfruit andPineapple. From my home to yours, I truly hope you enjoy All Shea Naturals.


If you're not satisfied, we will refund your money or provide an exchange worth the same value.


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